Are your products Toy Safety Tested?

All Curious Columbus products are annually and independently Toy Safety Tested, and meet stringent U.S, Canadian, EU, UK and AUS/NZ toy safety standards. This means that you can be 100% certain that our toys and learning resources are safe for your little one.

What age are Curious Columbus quiet books suitable for?

Our range of Quiet Books have been designed to appeal to children between the ages of 2 to 6 years. Our books have a Toy Safety Rating of 3+, this is due to the removable parts which could pose a choking hazard to children below 3. For children below this age we would always recommend adult supervision to ensure that removable parts aren't placed in the mouth.

Can Curious Columbus quiet books be machine washed?

Yes! If you've had your book on a flight or someone spilled their juice on it, you can simply place all the parts inside the book, zip shut and place inside a delicates laundry bag. Select a delicate / wool cycle. Once clean, unzip and allow to air dry.

Are your Magnetics sets safe for toddlers?

Yes! All of our magnetic sets have a full magnetic sheet across the entire back part of the magnet. This means there are no loose magnets that have the potential to 'pop' out of the back. 

We have designed each magnetic set in line with stringent Toy Safety regulations surrounding magnetic products and confidently sell our Magnetics range globally.

Can Curious Columbus Magnetics go in water?

100% yes! We have designed our foam magnetics with a waterproof laminated top layer, foam middle and magnetic sheet base. This means they love being in water, oobleck, play dough, water beads you name - just as much as they enjoy being on the fridge or whiteboard! We also love the fact that these can be washed - making them a great choice for daycare and preschool settings.

Where can I purchase Curious Columbus?

Curious Columbus products are stocked across Australia in many independent toy and gift stores - you can find one near you on our stockists page.

You can also purchase directly from us here on our website, and also on Amazon in Australia, the USA and the UK.

What makes us so special? 

Of course we are 100% biased about how wonderful our products are, but we are extremely proud that every product in our range is 100% unique and 100% designed by us. We come up with the designs, the illustrations, the packaging, and see each of our 'babies' through from design to manufacture and finally to shipping and stocking. Every product is designed for our own children first - so you know they have been thoughtfully and carefully designed.

Do you have any awards?

Not to toot our own trumpets but yes we do! All three of our quiet book titles have won prestigious global awards. 🏆

We have awards for Best Kids Travel Toy from Junior Design Awards and we have just received Gold Mom's Choice awards for both our My Big Day Quiet Book and our Magnetic Objects.

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