Magnetic Foods & Letters

by Curious Columbus Kids


Sink your teeth into a new family favourite!

Keep your kids coming back for seconds with our new set of fun and colourful food magnets. This set comes with a full set of A-Z food picture magnets including everything from Avocado to Zucchini, and makes learning about healthy eating and nutrition something that kids can easily digest. (See what we did there!) 

Each set also comes with a full set of A-Z foam magnetic letters that are perfect for helping your little one learn their letters while they play.

Curious Columbus magnets are made from the thickest, chunkiest and most compact foam which helps to create a more tactile learning experience, and are the perfect size for little people's fingers. Printed in vivid Pantone colours, kids just love the bright and eye catching colours and illustrations.

Moms and dads will love the full rubberised magnetic backing - Not only are they super strong, but there’s no little magnets to risk being lost, or worse swallowed.