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November 10, 2015 Stuart McLaughlin

Learning the ABC’s is naturally a great step towards a better understanding of the English language. It offers the perfect grounding for your little one’s to start to spell the words they are no doubt constantly practising speaking every day! But unless you’re super mom or dad, teaching them the shapes, sounds and correct use of the alphabet’s 26 letters can be a pretty daunting task.

A bite-sized approach may be just the solution you need. However you help them learn, remember to keep up the energy and the excitement. It should help keep their attention for longer, aid with their speed of learning and can even offer you a real boost to your motivation.

Why not give these few ideas a go as part of a daily routine. Before you know it, your little one’s will have mastered their ABC’s and will be longing for more challenges!

Here’s a few games we’ve played with our kids using our alphabet fridge magnets. Some are more complex than others, and some require a little more mom or dad involvement, but we’ve always found it such good fun to watch them learn. Why not give at least one of these a go?

1. Real Word or Just Real Silly

Try sticking up some simple words. Cat, Dog, Foot, Arm on the fridge using your magnets. Then throw in a few typo’s on purpose to create silly words; Dat, Kog, Zoot, Urm etc. Our kids chuckle like mad when they find the words with silly typo’s. Once they’ve mastered the principles, the words can get more complex, and offer more giggly opportunities.

2. _ is for Apple?

Spell the word Apple on the fridge door, but take off the letter ‘A” and hang on to it. Grab another 4 random letters and ask your child to choose which is the correct letter to start that word. This is an opportunity to encourage them to look, feel and hold each of the letters. It’s best to make sure you choose words they should already know, like fruits and vegetables. (Even if you can’t get them to eat their greens, they can at least learn to spell the words!!) 

3. Mix Up The ABC’s

Try sticking all 26 letters of the alphabet on the fridge door from A-Z, but take 5 random letters out and keep them aside. It’s then your child’s challenge to put these letters back into the correct places. This one can be a little tricky at 1st, but the next idea can certainly help them remember the order. 

4. Sing Your Heart Out

A simple, yet effective way to get them more familiar with the alphabet is the ABC song. Kids love a song and it helps them in the process of memory retention. Give it a go whenever you’re alone with them; In the car, while you’re cooking or even just tidying up the toys. It’s amazing how this one helps them remember the letters and order of the alphabet ready for more complex games

A point to remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and encouragement, fun, and lot’s of laughter will not only help grow their alphabet skills, it can even be some of the best family time you can have in a day.

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